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I have compiled a list of Organizing Questions.  Please click on the question to view the answer!

Frequently Asked Questions
•  What type of organizing project are you looking for?
•  What is Professional Organizing?
•  I’ve tried everything else, why will this work?  
•  How long will it take to get organized?
•  How long are the sessions?
•  Who does the organizing?  
•  Can I afford professional organizing?
•  How will you work with me?
•  How do I get started?
•  Should I tidy up before meeting with you?  Will you judge me?
•  Do I need to purchase any boxes, bins, or organizing items before working with an organizer?
•  Will I have to throw everything away?
•  I know I am capable of doing this myself, why hire someone to do it for me?
•  Once organized, how will I stay organized?
•  I know someone who could really use your help?
•  Did You Know?   Some interesting facts on what being disorganized is costing you.

What type of organizing project are you looking for?
Paper, Time and Space.  It’s not you, it’s your systems!  I have worked with home based businesses, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, kids, boomers and beyond, chronically disorganized, people with disabilities and others to clear the clutter and become more organized.

Home Solutions
•  Living Space – kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.
•  Storage Space – garages, attics, basements, offsite storage units
•  Kids Rooms
•  Closets
•  Photographs – organize digital and printed photographs, archival scrapbooks/albums
•  Paper Management – personal, financial, business, home office, filing systems

Office/Business Solutions
•  Paper Management
•  Filing Systems (paper & electronic)
•  Computer Files
•  E-mail
•  Work Flow
•  Follow Up Systems
•  Spreadsheet Design

Time Solutions
•  Time Management
•  Prioritizing
•  Procrastination Solutions
•  Time Saving Measures
•  Increase Efficiency
•  Decrease Overwhelm

Financial Solutions
•  Money Management
•  Budgeting
•  Cash Flow
•  Debt Reduction
•  Quickbooks & Quicken – set up, training

Additional Services
•  Printed Materials – save the date cards, announcements, invitations, menus, place cards…just ask. 
•  Personal Shopper – there are times in your life when there just aren’t enough hours to complete your “To Do” list.  Whether it’s gift
   shopping, personal shopping, grocery shopping, or special projects, let me lend a “helping hand” accomplishing tasks for you so
   you can stretch your day!
•  Moving Services – moves can be stressful whether you are downsizing, upsizing, merging residences or relocating.  I can help you
   decide what to move, what to sell/donate, inventory household items, purge, pack & label, and organize your new home.
 • Photo Organization & Album Completion – let me organize and complete archival albums that you will enjoy for years.

Presentation Topic Solutions
•  Organizing Yourself at Home
•  Organizing Yourself at Work
•  Organizing Your Kids
•  Time Management
•  Paper Management
•  Organizing BINGO!

What is Professional Organizing?
Professional Organizers are not glorified house cleaners!  The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) defines a Professional Organizing as a process that “enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills.”  Professional Organizers help individuals and businesses take control of their environment, their time, their papers, and their lives.  They provide you with ideas, information and suggested solutions to organizing problems.  

I’ve tried everything else, why will this work?  
Working with a professional organizer is more powerful than implementing suggestions from books, magazines or TV.  An organizer can tailor the approaches specifically to you, your space, lifestyle, or company systems.  Organizing is a skill and anyone can learn it if they have a desire to do so.  The basic principles and methods of organizing can be learned, and new habits can be developed.  With personal help, you can discover solutions and systems that will have a lasting impact.  Ultimately, it’s you who decides which suggested solutions will work best.

How long will it take to get organized?
Organizing projects vary and depend on the size of the area to be organized, the accumulation of clutter and paper, your motivation to become organized, and how rapidly you make decisions regarding what to keep and what to give or throw away.  Professional Organizers strive to make the process as quick and efficient as possible.  The goal is to get the project completed while building your organizing and decision making skills to produce lasting results.

How long are the sessions?
The minimum organizing session is 3 hours for in person, hands-on work.  

Who does the organizing?  
It depends on what you want.  Some clients prefer to have the organizer do all the hands-on work.  Others find it helpful to work alongside their organizer.  Then there are those who need only a consultation (in person or virtual) to identify the best organizing strategy for them to take.  Check out my “Do-It-Yourself” and “Virtual” Organizing Packages.  Whatever you choose, we will work together to create a plan and I will help you to implement it.  

Can I afford professional organizing?
Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”  By learning the skills and principles of organizing, you will gain time.  The time gained by being organized could potentially pay for that initial investment as well as allow you more time with family, friends and doing things you enjoy.  The question should be, “Can I afford not to organize?”   Check fees & pricing here.

How will you work with me?
Most organizing sessions are conducted in person.  Time Management and Financial Organizing sessions may be conducted by phone, as well as other types of organizing.  There are several ways we can work together:
•  Project Basis – book large blocks of time (days, weeks) and get the project done
•  On-Going Basis – work together with regular appointments until your goals are met
•  One Time Session – work for a single session to help with a project or get your started
•  Periodic – work together as needed to tune-up your systems and maintain them

How do I get started?
Generally there are 3 phases to a project.  (1) Needs assessment; (2) Action Plan; and (3) Implementation.  I am happy to help you with any and all aspects of your project.  It is best to set up a free needs assessment consultation.  

Should I tidy up before meeting with you?  Will you judge me?
No.  Professional Organizers have a genuine desire to help other people live simpler, less stressful lives.  They will want to see how you normally live and what habits you have.  At that point, they will identify the sources and challenges of your specific organization issues and share suggestions with you in a compassionate, shame-free manner.  In keeping with the National Association of Professional organizers Code of Ethics, all our clients are served with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and are treated with respect and courtesy.  In addition, all client information is kept strictly confidential.

Do I need to purchase any containers or organizing items before working with an organizer?
Please do not purchase additional organizing devices until your organizer has had a chance to fully assess the situation and determine your specific needs.  Frequently, people already have too many of these items because they’re being used to store things that they no longer need or are being used inefficiently.

Will I have to throw everything away?
No.  You decide what, if anything, is thrown away.  A professional organizer asks questions, shares information, and provides advice and suggestions.  During this process, the organizer helps you decide what’s important to you.  By organizing what you already have and creating systems, you will be creating a home or work environment with more space making things more accessible.  

I know I am capable of doing this myself, why hire someone to do it for me?
Do you sometimes go out to dinner when you can cook at home?  Do you hire someone to paint or clean your home when you know how to do these things?  There are many reasons people hire organizers.
•  To brainstorm ideas and get a different perspective on the issues
•  To validate that your ideas will work
•  The process will go faster with the help of a professional organizer
•  Not enough time or energy to tackle the project alone
•  Do not want to tackle the project alone
•  Procrastinating – a professional organizer can keep you focused and on track
•  If you could have done it, wouldn’t you have already?

Once organized, how will I stay organized?
The goal is to create a customized organizing system for you based on your lifestyle, goals, and budget while teaching you the necessary skills and processes to stay organized.  If, however, you need a periodic “tune up”, maintenance packages are available.

I know someone who could really use your help?
My business grows primarily from referrals.  To thank clients for mentioning my organizing services when someone they know has an organizing issue and books at least 3-hours of organizing time, I offer 1 hour free toward a maintenance session for that referring client.

•  80% of what we keep we never use. – Agency Sales Magazine (Apr. 2003)
•  Business professionals spend 50% of their time locating pertinent information. – Pricewaterhouse Coopers
•  80% of what we file never gets looked at again. – The Leader-Post (Mar.2004)
•  25% of business paper documents are misplaced and will never be located. – Pricewaterhouse Coopers
•  Americans waste more than 9 million hours each day looking for lost and misplaced articles. – Ottawan Citizen (Jan. 2003)
•  A business employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes $48,000 per week (nearly $2.5M per year) due to an inability to locate and
   retrieve information. – IDC Report
•  23% of adults say they pay bills late (and thus incur fees) because they lose them. – Harris Interactive
•  25% of people with 2-car garages don’t park any cars in there and that 32% parked only one. – US Department of Energy
•  The Center for Disease Control & Prevention state unequivocally that 80% of our medical expenditures are now stress related.  
  – Fast Company Magazine (Feb. 2003)

Don’t you think it’s time to call in the expert?

There is a 3-hour minimum for appointments.  Call me at (203) 470-6969 to schedule your free 30-minute assessment.

FEES (hourly)
Phone Organizing Consult.............................$55.00
Organizing Services - Hourly Rate.................$75.00
Organizing Services – Daily Rate (5 hrs).....$350.00
Technical Support Services..........................$100.00

For appointments greater than 10 hours, a 5% discount will be applied.  A 10% discount will apply to 20hr packages.

Shopping time and donation drop-offs are billed at the hourly rate (to the ¼ hour)

Free project assessment.  I will meet with you for a 30-min consultation in your home or office to analyze your organizing needs and gain an understanding of your organizing goals and objectives.  I will follow up with a plan and establish a strategy to accomplish your vision of “organized”…completely free.

To keep costs down, cash or check is requested at the end of each day.  Credit card information is required prior to beginning the project.

The “Do-It-Yourself” Package
This package includes a 90-minute on-site needs assessment.  Then I will provide the nuts and bolts training you need to get the project done on your own.  Finally, there will be a 45-minute follow up call to review your progress, answer any questions and make sure you are on your way.  Cost: $300

The “Virtual” Package
Simply send me pictures of the room you’d like to organize and we’ll work together virtually to get the room in order.  Time Management and Financial Organizing sessions may also be conducted by phone.  This package includes a 45-minute coaching call to go over all the details and come up with a plan.  There will be (3) additional 30-minute follow up calls to review your progress and keep you on track.  Cost:  $300

The “Home Office Files” Set Up
Recommended filing system, set up and implementation.  Price based on one year’s worth of records.  Cost:  $395

The “Garage Clean Up” Package
Clean up and organize your garage.  This price is based on a 2-car garage no more than 40% full.  Cost:  $595

“Tune Up” Maintenance Package
I will return to your home or business to continue working with you to stay organized.