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I recently had the pleasure of working with Karen. I called her to help me organize my busy life that i felt was getting overwhelming. After our first conversation, i knew I chose the right person. Karen told me about what she did and how no two clients are ever really alike. That could have been the reason that when she listened to me tell my story, she was genuinely interested in understanding my needs and clearly present in the moment. That was very comforting to me. I was telling a stranger how i felt and sharing details about a part of my life that was not working well. That could have been an uncomfortable task, however Karen’s reaction was compassionate and supportive and put me at ease right away. In addition to her interpersonal skills, Karen is “no joke” when it comes to targeting the issue(s) at hand and offering extremely helpful and “do-able” advice on how to get things in your life organized and get you back on the track you want to be on. At the end of our last session, I can honestly say that I was inspired and confident. I had a great plan that I was going to be able to carry out successfully. I also knew that she would be available to me for any additional help or support what I may need. I highly recommend Karen Pierce to anyone interested in taking control of parts of their lives that cause them anxiety, frustration, and/or stress. Five stars all the way! Thank you Karen. ~ Danielle T.

​I called Karen because I had too much stuff - at home and at work. My friends were skeptical and kept asking me why I needed help and that I could do it on my own. The truth is, I couldn't do it on my own.  She came in and got the job done! The work she did at my home and office have had a major influence on me and my office staff...clearing the stuff and creating systems that I can manage. I am very appreciative and thankful for everything she did...even recruiting her husband to help build a custom closet to accommodate my suits. If I didn't sincerely believe in Karen's services, I wouldn't be writing this letter of gratitude.  I highly recommend Karen's services and talents. I really should have done this earlier! Don't be like me and say you'll get around to it. Get it done now! You'll appreciate the benefits. - Paul Hirschauer, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Karen Pierce, the proprietor of Inner Spaces, a home and office organizing service, provides five star assistance for anyone looking to put their space in order. From the first contact, I was impressed with Karen’s professionalism, pricing, and attention to detail. In person, she shows warmth, sensitivity and a can-do attitude. Most impressive, she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work alongside her clients. For those who might feel overwhelmed by clutter or the accumulation of what the late comedian, George Carlin, called “stuff,” she helps prepare an action plan for the way out. I recommend her enthusiastically and will continue to call upon her.  - Mark A. Hubble, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author and Editor, Professional Bass Player

"The good news is that our downstairs, kitchen, livingroom and dining room will make you SOOO proud. I can send you a couple of photos of from my iPhone as I don't have pix downloaded on my computer.  Tim has even made some major strides into his space having had a friend help him with a music project - necessitating some clean up to accommodate the recording process. I am glad we've had this space to learn upkeep and its proof that I can follow through with maintenance."  - Kathy & Tim

"Karen is great! She's professional, reliable and nonjudgmental. She rolls up her sleeves, pitches in and truly wants to help her clients find success in their organizational projects." - Laurie M, RN

"Sometimes people may think, why pay someone just to organize?  Because Karen is great at this.  She has a great intuition for space and organization and has studied it as well.  She knows how to listen to your input, explain what she's doing, and get the result.  Take it from me, this is money well spent.  As a realtor, I would say that most people selling their houses should hire a professional organizer.  I also liked your personality; it was very nice to deal with you.  I think we accomplished a lot and I think it's great that you gave me instructions how to finish." - Maria Cristina E., Realtor

"Karen understood my needs perfectly.  My home transformed and it feels good to come home to!  We find what we need, things are neat, and we aren't duplicating because we can't find items.  It's easy to maintain the order that was established because it all makes sense." - Michele M., M.D.

"Karen has a true talent for organizing. I would strongly encourage and recommend her for any type of organizing.  You will be amazed how much simpler day to day activities are after Karen has touched your life. Having an uncluttered environment leads to an uncluttered healthier life. Which allows more time to focus on the important things in life – family." - Sue M., Financial Analyst

“I needed to pack up my basement for a move and it was just too overwhelming.  I have many disabilities that prevented me from tackling such a huge job myself.  Karen came over and quickly assessed the best way to approach the project.  She was a whirl-wind as she cleared, sorted and  labeled everything.   I checked on her periodically so she could ask questions and double check whether to throw certain items out.    WOW!!!!   Karen is amazing.  Everything was boxed, labeled  stacked, and ready to be moved to our beautiful new home.  She even swept the floor." - Gerri S., Retired

"I have greatly benefitted from Karen’s outstanding organizational gifts.  She is a great role model in demonstrating simplicity and consistency in her home and her business.  Karen taught me ways to organize and simplify my administration, computer use, inventory, and class teaching in my own home-based business.  She has outstanding innate abilities in this area and a natural clarity in showing others how to focus on the important and put distractions aside.  I am in awe at how she organized my overflowing storage room.  I highly recommend her as a personal organizer.  She’s worth her weight in gold! " - Sue T., Teacher

"Every time I moved, I promised myself I would put the pictures in albums and write down the memories.  I’ve been saying that for 20 years.  Through Karen – that day has finally arrived.  It’s completely liberating and I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to organize their photos.  Karen’s system works like a charm!  The speed and the ease is magic.   It totally works!!!!  - Megan W. 

OMG!  And the shifts keep coming.  Thank you so much! - Elpida

Karen, Thank you so much for the time you spent on me.  I have found myself focusing on deeper breathing a lot more frequently than before.  Something is shifting.  - Mary

OMG in the soul retrieval (daughter) had such a clear and detailed description of her experience.  She told me more tonight about her experience 12/14 than she has in 5 years combined.  She hasn't stopped talking.  It is incredible, beyond amazing!  She said she feels so good and thanked me for finding you. I would say you have absolutely helped both of us more than any therapy has.  I am completely blown away and can't wait to see where this takes her.  What a beautiful experience for her. - A.U.

Thanks again for the energy work last night.  Not only for the treatment, but all of the knowledge that comes along with it.  - Eileen

I really loved the session!  The cord cutting, chakra balancing...letting go of negative energies.  So much mental clarity all week. - Paula

After my visit with you, I walked out the door feeling great.  So much energy running through me and I felt like I was tripping.  That lasted almost two weeks.  Mentally more alert, cognitively good and positive thinking all around.  I felt stronger mentally and physically which has helped me work through the depression.  I think the shamanism is powerful and very helpful. - Nick

It's like some crazy floodgate has been opened.  It maybe more than just "a bit" of an impact.  Is it usual to reassess every single part of one's life after something like that?  Pretty powerful.  Thank you! - C.P.

Very good things are happening and there's no way it's all a coincidence. You have found your calling.  You are one powerful woman! - Adele

I also just took practice with Karen P, and I have not left a class so 'Yoga-stoned' in quite a while! - Amanda

I am so blown away from the [Numerology] report. I just skimmed it. Will definitely need to read a few times to digest. Right on in so many ways. Very insightful. I am definitely on a new journey. Thank you Karen. - Donna R. (Yoga teacher)

I am writing my first paper for Yoga Therapy Training and had a blast from the past discussing my first yoga class and felt it was proper and important to share.  My first yoga class was when I was eleven years old. I was placed in an after school program downtown in Connecticut to keep me occupied during my parent’s divorce. This class was a free class offered by Karen Pierce. She became my first, and most important, contributor to my spirituality. Every Tuesday, I would go to her hour yoga and meditation class and it was my favorite part of my week. She taught me how to properly breath, guided meditations, yoga philosophy and sattva intentions, complex yoga poses and how to prepare for them, and truly took me to the present moment with all of the Vinyasas. She cheered for me when I accomplished a pose I had been working on and pushed me into believing in myself when I wanted to give up. I was so blessed to be the only person in her classes many of days, I got true one on one work with Karen that today I would do anything to experience again. I also got to share the gift with friends some weeks, convincing them to attend as well, and they too fell in love! Many of them are yoga instructors to this day. Her classes gave me insight of what I wanted to do when I was older and free to do whatever I dreamed; I wanted to teach and share the gift of yoga and meditation. Stress management of my teenage years, the capability of know thyself, and the forever bellowing laugh would have been put off for years if it was not for Karen. Thank You Karen, you helped me find the world. ~ Olivia Q.

I came to Karen's class through the recommendation of a friend. I was new to yoga, and have had hip, back and neck pain for years. I was skeptical that Yoga could help any more than the chiropractor or other things I tried.  Karen is practiced in different types of yoga styles and is experienced in therapeutic yoga.  She brings her knowledge and experience to her class and encourages each person to listen to their own bodies.  I have been taking Karen's class for over a year now, and I sometimes cannot believe how much better I feel.  I have less pain, more energy and I am able to move more.  My family has also noticed the difference!  Thank you Karen!  - A.H.

Thought of you and how much you help others with yoga. - Janice A. 

​So much stagnant energy shifted within me under your guidance, during and after your class. It's been a godsend to feel light flowing through again! It was a true gift to be your student and to find that the message and techniques you teach are delivered in such a way that they continue to permeate as time goes on. Beautiful. - Jenni S.

I just want to thank you Karen, and let you know the difference your classes have made in my life this past year. Understanding how/why yoga poses and breathing go together and being able to take this and use it in my life daily has enabled me to begin to recover from three years of unthinkable tragedies. These multiple events had overtaken my whole body/mind with grief and everything in my life had lost any sense of normalcy and peace. I was unable to focus, sleep, think. Your classes have and continue to help me move forward with my journey toward recovery; something I did not think would be possible. ~ Pat M. 

Thanks so much for class.  I felt as it reinforced my body to find the posture that is good and I can sustain it.  The next day I was able to take the attention pose without any discomfort or sense of straining myself.  The detailed instructions really made sense to my body and I knew my posture is good b/c I felt good in it! That was one of my hopes to attain a good alignment through yoga and not to be flexible more or look good (well that too, lol) but to feel good in my body, spot the mis-alignments and make adjustments with safety. ~Lenka K, Massage Therapist

I have been loving my yoga practice. Since we really only had that one session, it helped me by making me more aware of just what was going on or should I say what was not going on and how I can work to correct these imbalances. I am unable to do the usual exercises that many people do, not just because of the prosthetic leg but because I have crazy compensatory patterns because of my spina bifida.  It also helped with body awareness and gave me hope!  ~ Barbara O., Reiki Master

"Most informative, helpful yoga class I've ever taken!” - Laura D.

"I had a life altering health event this fall, which precipitated my meeting Karen.  Karen has been wonderful.  A great yoga instructor, an all-around teacher, an advisor, and most of all, a friend.  She's been there for me through my ups and downs, always maintaining a sympathetic demeanor and a steady hand.  Quite honestly, I don't know what I'd do if I hadn't met her, she's been that good!" - Al K., Marketing Consultant

“I hope other people get the opportunity to work with Karen the way I have, she's a life saver!" - Steve M., Engineer

"Karen's class is not just the ordinary class. It is a 1-1/2 hour journey to some beautiful place; it is an experience you want to last. Every time I exit that door, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed. I am a better person." - Katerina K, Engineer

“Your way of teaching yoga is very different from all of the yoga teachers I have had...and it makes the most sense!  I really like it and have had lots of  different teachers through the years... I am spoiled now!! - Carol Z, Artist

“Karen is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga, and has been especially helpful to me with the back injuries I’ve suffered from for many years.  Karen is an inspiration and has given me so much hope and motivation to continue working toward better health.  I highly recommend Karen, and feel she is without a doubt the best yoga teacher I have ever met.” – Kerry M., Office Manager

“After taking 200 hours of teacher training, taking classes all over the country, my heart belongs to Karen!  There is no class that includes all of this: spirituality, yoga, fun, therapy and a challenging physical asana practice.  Karen moves her class through specific poses with intention, leading to a challenge pose that you KNOW you could never do.  Except that you are doing it, with Karen’s compassionate, loving guidance.”  - Lisa R., Yoga Teacher

“I started to see Karen after a friend recommended that I try yoga after having had surgery.  I was afraid to hurt myself but Karen was ready to listen to my concerns and suggested the best way to approach my sessions in a way that would help me and not hurt me.  I feel great and energized every time I leave my sessions." - Jess, Dancer

“I suffered from mid and lower back pain and felt I needed to start a proper pre-natal exercise program.  Karen was instrumental in designing a terrific exercise and yoga program which helped me to decrease my pain and improved my overall flexibility and strength.  In addition, she reinforced proper stretches and positions to help counter a difficult labor.  She was a great motivator and knew when and how to push me for optimal benefit without compromising my safety." - Beth A., M.D.

“I have seen an amazing change in my strength, stamina and flexibility since beginning with Karen.  I attribute the change entirely to the yoga training.” – Joanna Cole, Author "The Magic Schoolbus"

“Karen is a most remarkable instructor in that she places the utmost emphasis on form as well as the internal, more cerebral, aspect of whatever she is demonstrating.  Ultimately, Karen’s method led me to the beauty and symmetry of yoga. “ – Joyce H., Art Teacher

“Karen has a unique ability to communicate with students of all levels.  But, while her teaching ability is unbeatable, her strength lies in teaching that the practice of yoga in the classroom translates into balance in all aspects of life.” – Diane F., Personal Trainer

“I began taking yoga 8 years ago and Karen was my first instructor.  It is a testament to Karen that I am still taking yoga today.  Karen is very aware of the capabilities of each yoga participant in her class.  She never pushes any of her students past their abilities.”  - Tom B., Environmental Consultant

“Thanks for preparing us so beautifully so it seemed like the most natural progression of the practice.  I appreciated your knowledge, clear instructions and easy-going manner, as well as your physical assists." - Gloria O., Yoga Studio Owner

“We really appreciate the information about what you taught the kids.  What a wonderful influence on the young ones in this Hannah Montana-Nintendo-sugar filled world!  It helps us as parents to reinforce the right messages too."  - Jenny I., parent

"I did want to thank you for your final relaxation tapes that you played at the end of every session.  I have been using the imagery ever since Nicolas was born to help me get back to sleep after being up with him in the middle of the night.  They truly have been a lifesaver, so thanks again." - Kristin D., CPA

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for presenting such outstanding workshops to both the school staff and students.  The information for the teachers was informative and very interesting, and the program for the students was beautifully presented and just a whole lot of fun!” – Dawn D., PTA Cultural Chair

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